Selected Invited Academic Talks

Simulations of Black Hole Populations for Gravitational Wave Astrophysics - COSMO'23, Madrid, Instituto de Física Teórica

Panellist: What is a catalog? Is p_astro the way to go? (Ir)relevance of subthreshold events - gwpopnext conference, University of Milano-Bicocca

Biographies of the Stellar Graveyard - Gravity Exploration Centre, Cardiff University

Recipes for Black-Hole High-Mass X-ray Binaries - CIERA, Northwestern University

Biographies of the Stellar Graveyard - Albert Einstein Institute, Max Planck Institute, Potsdam

Where do Black Holes in Binaries Come From? Biographies of the Stellar Graveyard - Brazil National Observatory (virtual)

Biographies of the Stellar Graveyard - Queen Mary University of London

Panellist: Interpreting Gravitational Waves - GWPAW 2022, Melbourne, Australia

Biographies of the Stellar Graveyard - Anton Pannekoek Institute, University of Amsterdam

New Frontiers in Gravitational Wave Astrophysics - Kavli Institute for Cosmology Cambridge

All Binary Black Holes May Form Dynamically: The Eccentric Perspective - Niels Bohr International Academy conference on Black Hole Dynamics

An Interview with an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole - Astro3D (virtual)

Eccentricity in Gravitational-Wave Transients - Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (virtual)

An Interview with an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole: Gravitational-Wave Signal GW190521 - Monash University School of Physics and Astrophysics Colloquium (virtual)


Public talks

Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute, "Black Holes and Gravitational Waves"

Astronomy on Tap, Chicago (USA)

U3A Deepdene (Australia)

LVK Webinar on GWTC-3, presented as part of the paper writing team

Astronomical Society of Victoria (Australia, virtual)

Cambridge Festival (UK, virtual)

Royal Astronomical Society poster prize acceptance and explainer mini-talk

Eliiza Artificial Intelligence Seminar co-presented with Paul Lasky

Denver Astronomical Society (USA)

Girl Guides Big Sleepover (UK)

Mount Burnett Observatory (Australia, virtual)

OzGrav Public Lecture Series (Australia, virtual)

Mount Burnett Observatory (Australia)

Podcasts, Live Shows and Interviews

The Science Pawdcast


Storytellers of STEMM

Listening to the Cosmos (LIGO India)

Radio interview - Einstein A Go-Go, Triple R

Radio interview - The Space Show, Southern FM

Space Australia interview

Books and Articles

Planetymology - Why Uranus is not called George and other facts about space and words

Women in Physics colouring book

Astrobites article The CO2 Elephant in the Room: Curbing the Carbon Footprint of Astronomy